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“Women do not get raped because they weren’t careful enough. Women get raped because someone raped them.” Jessica Valenti

“Yes, boys and men need to be taught how to prevent rape. But some also need to be taught what rape even is.” @ModPrimate, 5/13

“Margaret Atwood, the Canadian novelist, once asked a group of women at a university why they felt threatened by men. The women said they were afraid of being beaten, raped, or killed by men. She then asked a group of men why they felt threatened by women. They said they were afraid women would laugh at them.” Molly Ivins

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Where are the (evolved) men?

18 June 2013.  Sexism is in a war for legitimacy. Sexism and women’s rights are certainly frequent topics, but in Australia’s general media they are still too often being treated as a peripheral not fundamental issues. And it doesn’t matter how many women bleat about it, unless evolved men speak up in leadership, legitimising sexism as a crucial real world issue, we will not progress. (Did you cringe when I used the word ‘bleat’? Yet that is how easily women’s voices are dismissed.)

If Abbott becomes our new prime minister the recent advancements we have made discussing feminist issues could easily fall away as they get repackaged as “noise” around Julia Gillard’s leadership. We need to build on this momentum not let it fade away.

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