what can I do?

Read the articles on this website, check out the links to other resources and share them.

Guide to protecting yourself from online harrassment

35 Practical Steps Men Can Take To Support Feminism

On Using Privilege to Fight Inequality

What Affirmative Consent Looks Like

“Don’t Be THAT Dude”, Some Tips for the Male Academic

How to Stand up to Haters

What Do We Want From Male Feminists?

Teenage Girls Should Be Encouraged to Say Fuck

Escaping Control and Abuse – how to get out of a bad relationship and recover from assault

35 Practical Tools for Men to Further Feminist Revolution

Dating tips for the feminist man

But What Can Be Done? Dos and don’ts to combat online sexism

DART Centre for Journalism on how to talk about sexual violence

Aust Government guidelines on reporting sexual assault 

A Letter To My Son About Consent

Is the way you talk about women scarring your daughter?

5 ways we can teach men not to rape

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